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Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Head of School: Andrew Harrison

Andrew joined as Head of School in 2005. We benefit from his considerable experience spanning international schools in four countries, including a previous role in Bangkok. As well as being Head of School, Andrew has taught at all age levels within the school and filled numerous senior managerial roles. His career also includes experience in the UK, both in schools and in Outdoor Education Centres. Andrew is also proud to be a parent, with two children attending the school.  



Assistant Head of School/Head of Secondary School:Kevin McGee

Kevin joined St. Andrews in August 2010 after 11 years working at two other international schools in Thailand, including seven years as an Assistant Principal. Away from the classroom Kevin enjoys participating in and watching sport as well as cooking and travelling. He is joined at St. Andrews by his wife and two children, who both attend the school.


Head of Primary School: Josh Doubleday

Josh joined St. Andrews in 2015 after 10 years working at three international schools in Abu Dhabi, UAE and in China, including three years as an Assistant Principal. Josh is a former Art teacher and continues to be a professional visual artist. He works primarily in stone sculpture and also loves to paint, draw and take photographs. Josh enjoys spending his free time playing or watching ice hockey as well as golfing, biking, cooking and travelling. He is joined at St. Andrews by his wife who teaches in Early Years, and their two children, who both attend the school.



Senior Teacher: Michelle Taylor

Michelle is from the UK and has been teaching in secondary education for the past 18 years across a wide range of age groups and abilities. Her management experience includes Head of English, Literacy Coordinator and Senior Teacher. Michelle enjoys swimming, cycling and playing tennis as relaxation, as well as travelling in the school holidays. Michelle’s husband also works at the St. Andrews and their two sons attend the school.



IB PYP Co-ordinator & Early Years Team Leader: Susannah Martin

From New Zealand, Susannah has held positions of responsibility in a number of curriculum, pastoral and management roles while teaching internationally for 18 years.  Since joining St. Andrews in 2013, she has taught Year 1 and led the development of Language in the IB PYP, as well as teaching up to Year 10 as a PE Specialist and Classroom Teacher.  Susannah is passionate about facilitating and leading developments in building independent and confident, lifelong learners.  Susannah's two sons both attend the school.



Year 1 & 2 Team Leader: Sarah Cox

From the UK, Sarah has over 16 years of experience teaching in a number of schools in the UK, Thailand, Egypt and the UAE. She has taught across all the age ranges in our Primary School as well as having been Literacy Coordinator, Upper Primary Leader and Year 5 Leader. Sarah’s experience has endowed her with a considerable knowledge of teaching and learning in diverse cultures and curriculums.

Year 3 & 4 Team Leader: Michael Cox

Michael is from New Zealand and has been teaching for over 13 years. His teaching career began in New Zealand, moving on to England, Egypt, UAE and finally Thailand. Michael is an experienced leader of 4 age levels as well as being a subject leader of Science, Mathematics and PE. Michael has a passion for coaching, participating in lots of sports and he also loves spending time in the kitchen.

Year 5 & 6 Team Leader: Ruth Mullan

Ruth is a Year 5 classroom teacher and Team Leader for Year 5 & 6. She is originally from England where she taught for six years before working as a teacher trainer in The Gambia. She has been teaching at St. Andrews since moving to Thailand in 2007. She has two children who both attend the school.



Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator: Ruth Greener

Ruth taught in the UK for ten years, including three years as Academic Tutor at a leading school in Shropshire. Moving to Nepal with her family in 2010, she taught at two international schools before joining St. Andrews in 2013 to teach History and English.  She became Key Stage 3 Coordinator in 2014. Her husband is the Head of ICT and her three children all attend the school.


Key Stage 4 Co-ordinator: Nick Frost

Nick has taught for over 28 years, the last 18 in an international setting. During his teaching career he has been Head of Biology and Chemistry as well as Head of Science at St. Andrews. Nick is now enjoying time in his lab teaching IB Chemistry, IB physics and Science. His role as KS4 coordinator is a new challenge he began in 2015.



IB DP Co-ordinator: Andrew Emery

Andy is from the UK and taught Geography there for seven years, as well as having the role of Progress Manager (Head of Year 8) for 180 students. St. Andrews is Andy’s first experience of teaching in an International School, and he is enjoying being part of our community in Thailand and successfully leading the IB Diploma programme.


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