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Special Educational Needs and Exceptional Learners

Special Educational Needs and Exceptional Learners

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

We understand that many children could need additional support at some time during their education for a wide variety of reasons. Learning Support Provision at St. Andrews International School, Green Valley is personalised for each child, using an ‘Assess, Plan, Do, Review’ response method to meet each child’s unique and diverse needs. Students, parents, school staff and if relevant, any external therapists meet regularly to set challenging goals and work together as a team to ensure they are accomplished.


We are an inclusive and an academically non-selective school, although we do assess each child on entry to ensure we are appropriately equipped to meet their need.

Classes are small at St. Andrews, meaning that in most cases special needs are able to be met within class with high quality teaching and differentiated learning opportunities. Although, in some cases we may assess that your child needs some additional learning support in order to meet their full potential.

We offer a range of Learning Support services that include:

  • Targeted interventions from the learning support coordinator or learning support caseworkers
  • One to one support from a learning support assistant
  • Learning mentor drop in sessions to remove barriers to learning
  • School counsellor
  • Speech and language therapist
  • Daily drop in study support sessions in the school library
  • In class support and strategies from the learning support coordinator
  • Exam technique and revision sessions
  • Educational testing for Access Arrangements

We have links with a wide variety of external educational services should the need arise

  • Educational psychologists - if students need a more in depth assessment.
  • Occupational therapists
  • Child psychiatrists

Exceptional Learners

What is an ‘Exceptional Learner?

Exceptional Learners are defined as those who have natural ability or talents in academia, sports or the arts. At St. Andrews International School we also work towards identifying those children who may be both exceptional and have additional needs. They may;

  • Be underachieving
  • Students from culturally diverse background or that have
  • English as an additional language
  • Have a physical, emotional or learning difficulty
  • Have a medical diagnosis such as ADHD

These students might be known as ‘twice exceptional’.

Identification of Exceptional Learners

The identification system at SAIS is multi-faceted and includes both subjective and objective methods.


  • Summative end of term tests
  • Standardized testing (Acer, Spelling tests)
  • Naglieri Non Verbal Ability Test


  • Teacher identification
  • Parent identification
  • EL coordinators or SENCo identification
  • Secondary – Student identification

Provision for Exceptional Learners

The needs of exceptional learners are met in a variety of ways appropriate to the student

  • Planned in class differentiation and extension opportunities
  • Acceleration
  • Primary EL activities, National and Local Enrichment days and tournaments
  • Termly school and parent IEP meetings for twice exceptional students if required

Please contact if you would like to recommend a student for EL assessment.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

St. Andrews International School, Green Valley welcomes students for whom English is not their first language.

Our academically robust, comprehensive and high level English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme is tailored and resourced to provide optimal conditions for the academic and personal success of students.

The programme aims:

  • To provide immediate, short term acquisition of sufficient English to ensure a seamless integration into both academic and social school life
  • To strategically assist students to acquire a developed English proficiency to ensure success in the mainstream classroom without EAL support

At St. Andrews, language support is available to all students for whom English is not a first Language from Nursery onwards, in a number of forms, dependent on the level of support required.

St. Andrews International School, Green Valley is proud to host students from over 40 countries as we embrace and celebrate our internationalism. The EAL programme is delivered by specialist language teachers with specific pedagogical experience, either Primary or Secondary.

In order to maximise the benefits and outcomes of the programme and to ensure EAL and language acquisition is a whole school focus at St. Andrews, all staff are exposed professionally to the theory and pedagogy of English language teaching.

Tournament of the Minds

The 2015 Tournament of The Minds, a competition for Creative Thinkers, was held at ISB Bangkok. Year 5 and Year 6 entered two primary teams. There were 43 primary and secondary teams in total entered from all over Thailand, with 301 students competing in three categories, Social Sciences, Maths & Engineering and Language Literature.

Our competing teams were:

  • Team T.A.4.U. who competed in the Maths and Engineering Challenge
  • Team Green Valley Warriors who competed in the Social Sciences Challenge

For six weeks all 14 students used activity time and almost every lunchtime to work on their ideas, creating not only a wonderful show but also a presentation that fulfilled the entire complex design briefs and challenge criteria.

We were joined by a wonderful group of parent supporters and had the most amazing time presenting our long term challenges, working at speed in the spontaneous challenges and watching all the other schools' teams' presentations.

Very well done to both teams - we are SO proud of you all for your creativity, enthusiasm and team spirit. Extra congratulations for Team T. A. 4. U. who came first and are now eligible to represent Thailand in the International Tournament of the Minds competition.

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