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I arrived at St. Andrews, Green Valley in 2013 initially to teach Year 1 and lead our team of Year 1 and 2 teachers and now lead the Early Years and teach in Reception. During my time here, I realised quickly that the learning environment is extremely conducive to learning. As teachers, we are privileged to have a well-resourced school surrounded by nature and many open spaces that can be utilised as part of our teaching and activities programme. Our students benefit from this and are engaged, eager to learn and have the confidence to inquire deeply as a part of their learning experience, because of the vital combination of caring and supportive staff and an enriching environment. As teachers we are supported throughout a thorough appraisal system which keeps us up to date with current and future developments in education through ongoing professional development, meetings with colleagues.

Sue Martin, Reception Class Teacher, Early Years Team Leader

I arrived in St. Andrews back in 2010 and, from the first day when I thought that it would be the most anxious day of my life, the school had welcomed me in and I immediately made friends with those in my class. Ever since then, I’ve grown close to other students and even the teachers (weirdly enough). St Andrews doesn’t just teach you science, maths or any of the other subjects, they shape you to become more confident and open minded in everything you do; when I came to St. Andrews, I was terrified of getting in front of my friends to give a presentation, now I find myself in all of the productions, doing presentations in front of the whole school and even becoming one of the St. Andrews house leaders! St. Andrews has definitely had more of an impact on me than any other schools I’ve been to and I look forward to finishing my secondary education here.

Pierre J. Walker, Student

The nicest thing is that my children have always gone to school happy. Every single day. They especially love the location with green surroundings. They love the independence that they have to move between one place and another by themselves without any problems because it is all is safe and close. We also enjoy that they can play and do sport activities in a natural and unpolluted area. We love the friendly atmosphere, as we are all one big family. Staff have always had a great willingness to listen to us and meet our needs. In particular, we are very happy with the Nursery experience!

Parent, Francesco Milicia, Managing Director, Ducati Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


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