Global Social Leaders is a Global initiave involving more that 5000 students in 663 schools worldwide. It is based on a vision of a society where all organisations are led by socially conscious people, with every young person making the transition into adulthood with the foundations they need for their future. Students work in teams of 3-6 students to tackle one of the Sustainable Development Goals through social action. 24 students from Years 8-12 volunteered to work on social action projects, which will continue into the next academic year in order to make maximum impact.

Twin Trees are promoting afforestation through the creation of a tree nursery at Green Valley and encouraging seed scavenger hunts. They will take their actions forward in creating seed balls and designing a goblin door trail around the grounds to develop an appreciation for trees from an early age.

Mother Natures Minions are creating Green Walls for Greener schools. Secondary students have worked with Primary students to plant vertical gardens using cuttings from existing plants in the grounds. These vertical sections will be used to create a living wall.

Poultry in Motion are working to raise chickens and hatch eggs with a view to gifting hens to families in community projects in Pattaya. This will in turn provide a daily source of protein from eggs. The group have screened lunchtime movies to fundraise to fund the new Chicken coop and to purchase their first hens.

The Giving Garden team are are working on growing plants, flowers and creating sack gardens to be donated to the Hand2Hand’s community project.

In March, GSL students went on Eco retreat at Baan Sunsuray to learn more sustainable skills for the future. We look forward to using these to progress projects in the future