At Green Valley we have a very strong and proud sporting tradition. Our GREEN VALLEY PANTHERS dominate across all sports and all age groups.

Round up for the first half of Term 1 2017-2018

We’ve had some impressive sports results all round at Green Valley so far in term 1: up to half term we played 25 local ESAC football fixtures, 6 local ESAC basketball fixtures, hosted a primary swim gala, hosted an ESAC cross country event and attended an athletics meet. We also participated in a primary football competition at Shrewsbury School in Bangkok.

So far we are yet to lose a secondary football match and have only lost two primary level football matches. We were also victorious in the ESAC Cross country event, where all competitors raced extremely well and made us proud to be Green Valley.

Some of the standout team performances so far have been:

  • The U15 Boys Football team beating MIS 13-0. Not so much for the score line, but the nature in which the boys played. They took a lot of what we had been working on in training and implemented it into the game, which was fantastic to see.
  • The Senior Boys Football team had a great 4-4 clash with Regents, which was, in my opinion the game of the season so far! Both teams were exceptional during different parts of the game and it was really good to witness a close well fought out encounter. We were especially proud of our boys battling back from being 4-2 down with about 10 minutes left to go.
  • The Senior Girls Basketball team playing against Regents were brilliant beating them by 37-13. The girls played with flair, determination and precision. Mr Dusting their coach was extremely proud of how they came together as a team and how much effort they applied in the fixture.
  • The U10 Girls Football team has made a great start to the season having beaten Regents 6-0 and Garden 2-0. This is a great effort by some of our younger girls who have played arguably our two main rivals and are yet to concede a goal.

There are too many great performances so far this season to include all the descriptions in one report, such as the U11 boys and U10 boys winning their first 3 matches. But hopefully this brief overview highlights the performances that have really stood out in our minds throughout this half term.

It has been great to see our students at Green Valley contributing so well in their teams, but we still have a lot of work and challenges ahead that needs maximum commitment from all involved. One of our strengths at St Andrews is our community spirit and we are very grateful to all the teachers who have got involved and offered to coach teams – we really appreciate all your time and effort to support the PE program.

Mr Lee Standen, Head of PE