Green Valley’s online Nursery classes with Miss Retno and Kroo Sunan continue to be a fantastic learning experience for both my daughter Indi and the rest of her family at home. Four varied and engaging activities are run each morning, providing a structured educational day for her and her peers, as well as allowing flexibility depending on how long these young children are able to stay focused on any given task. The activities are always interesting and hands-on, which means that as parents we are also learning many techniques for keeping our daughter engaged with fun educational activities that we can do with her outside of school hours too. I have been very impressed by the continuity of learning that St Andrew’s Green Valley is providing our daughter. -Nursery parent

Given the short notice at which the entire curriculum was moved from the classroom to the screen the online learning at GV has been excellent with children following their normal timetable in real time via Microsoft teams. I know of so many parents who are frustrated by their children's school putting the work online at the start of each day to be completed at their own pace in whichever order they see fit. Brighter students get through it quickly and are left bored with too much unstructured time, weaker students struggle through it on their own. I know that they envy the fact that our lessons have been delivered in a fun, engaging way with the teacher online supporting the students at each stage of the task. My daughters really appreciate the interaction with their teachers and friends throughout each lesson. They have been challenged by the work and feel that they are making good progress. There is no anxiety about falling behind on their part or ours. They are loving the kitchen science experiments, PE challenges, other creative activities and the whole school competitions. Online can never replace the in school experience, but I feel that the teachers have done everything within their power to make it as positive and progressive as it can be at this unprecedented time. -Parent of a Primary & Secondary Student

When it was announced that we were switching to online learning, I think we were all anxious about how successful this was going to be with the teachers, students and parents having to upskill literally overnight. With a teenage child who is sociable and lives for his sport the picture didn’t look bright. But how wrong I was. Whilst nothing will replace school, I have been amazed at how he has embraced this new way of learning, showing a high level of engagement, independence and quickly learning new video-conferencing skills. Having the regular structure and routine of the normal school day with teachers ‘live online’ for every lesson via Teams has been a lifeline for us. Encouraging the children to get involved in ‘off-screen’ activities such as the ‘Cooking challenge’ and other competitions has also been a welcome break from the screen which is tiring for everyone day in day out. My expectations of this new learning environment have been far exceeded and that is due to our teachers giving their all to support our children’s learning during this difficult time. -Parent of A Secondary Student

When the schools across Thailand closed on 18 March 2020 due to COVID-19 preventative measures, we did not have much time to think about how this would affect Matthew and Luke´s schooling. The boys were briefed about what platforms the school was going to use for online schooling well in advance and they received all the necessary log in credentials. After the first two weeks of online schooling, everyone got to have a well deserved break in which, however, teachers and the administration staff worked hard on collecting feedback and restructuring the online schooling daily routine to even better suit the childrens needs.

Some children take to online schooling better than others but all in all St Andrews GV does their best in ensuring that they are able to accomodate each individual. I am also happy that although the school is closed, Matthew and Luke continue to have a daily school routine which they can follow so that the transition back to school eventually will not be such a big deal to them.

Thank you to all the teachers at St Andrews GV for being there for our children during this time and also to all the St Andrews staff for pulling all the necessary strings in the Background. -Parent of a Senior Student