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16 February 2018

The Early Years Bear Hunt


We had so much fun at our Early Years open morning with lots of shrieks of delight and laughter when the children followed Ms. Lauren around the playground as she read the ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt' story.

They went ‘Swishy, swishy!’ through the grass, ‘Splash, splosh!’ across the river, ‘Squelch, squelch!’ in the mud, ‘Stumble trip!’ through the forest, ‘Hooo wooo!’ through the swirling snowstorm and 'Tiptoe, tiptoe!’ through the gloomy cave … where they encountered a big googly eyed, furry eared BEAR with a shiny wet nose! On top of this the children also got involved in many bear-themed activities: face-painting, head bands, cupcakes and the morning culminated with their very own bear-hunt in the Nursery playground.

It was a fantastic event with lots of visitors and a chance for our parents to join in the fun.

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