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07 October 2021

Head Student - Koustav Bhasin


Koustav Bhasin is one of the new Head Students to our school for this academic schoolyear. Get to know more about Koustav down below.
What would you like to say first now you are a Head Student? 

I would like the thank the students of primary and secondary for trusting not only me but all three of us to represent them. I promise to work my hardest and listen to all the ideas regardless of how far fetched they may sound, and act on them to help make the school a better place.
What would you like to get out of this year?

This year I would like to clear out some ongoing student council projects because I think that is essential before we can start a new project. Such as the sweater/jacket redesign, a project which has been going on for 3 years now, or the stationary shop from last year. And obviously look into new projects such as the debate club or the lunch time movies, or an island community music competition. 
What do you think we are good at as a school and where can we improve?

As a school, we are great at being open-minded and caring for one another, and I think these are 2 very important skills that are nurtured through various teamwork exercises in which our students excel in. All our teachers and staff are very supportive of any issues any student is having and helping them overcome obstacles. Somewhere we can improve, is by being more reflective. It should be a habit that after every lesson, students should be able to reflect on what they’ve learned today and ask the teacher about anything they are unsure of.

What do you consider important values for our school community to live by?

Unity and commitment, we can get a lot more work done if we can work together and stay committed to the goal of improving life at school for everyone.
Any advice you would give to your future self that we can look back on at a later stage?

It really should be my future  self telling my past self some advice. But all I would say to my future self is try your best to always have a routine. In having a routine you will remain consistent, which I think is essential when learning and keeping yourself healthy. Another piece of advice I would give is always make time for going outside in the fresh air, thats something that really calms me down and helps me look at issues in a different perspective.
What book has had the most impact on you and you would recommend others to read?

The Four by Scott Galloway
What movie would you recommend others to watch?

Top Gun and Back To The Future (I, II and III)
What would have made you proud if we would look back at the end of this year?

New sweatshirts, confident students, and an island community music competition in place at least. Right now it’s hard to say what we will definitely do and what will make me proud because I just want the students to have a say in every project. I just know that if I can end the year knowing I helped solved peoples problems and I have brought changes which the students enjoy and appreciate then I will be proud of what I've done.
Any parting words to our community?

I'm the head student, not a genie or anything, so there may be times I may not be able to help you immediately and having a solution but you can count on me for being there and helping you sort out the problem.

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