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07 October 2021

Head Student - Opal Teekayuko


Opal Teekayuko is one of the new Head Students to our school for this academic schoolyear. Get to know more about Opal down below.


What would you like to say first now you are a Head Student?
I am honoured to receive this opportunity to be your head student this year, a position where I can bring forth ideas from students and act upon them. A position where I can be your role model, your friend but I will also be able to learn from you.

What would you like to get out of this year?
My first priority would definitely be to finalise the school jumpers so that they are ready for the students to wear once we are back at school (hopefully before December). Afterwards, the other head students and I would then initiate the new clubs and activities in the school as a starting project. I hope that this year will bring back happiness and enthusiasm in students after a long quarantine.

What do you think we are good at as a school and where can we improve?

I think that our school’s strong points lay in how supportive we are as a community- this is relevant in how students push each other to thrive forward in academics, sports and arts. However, we also understand and are supportive of each other emotionally, this includes how the teachers are always available for us to discuss or go for advice. I think there is still opportunity for more music events so that is something we'd like to look at this year too. 

What do you consider important values for our school community to live by?

I really value unity and teamwork and in order to do this, we would also need to communicate well with each other. I think that this is the baseline that would lead to so many more opportunities that can be acquired once we work together.
Any advice you would give to your future self that we can look back on at a later stage?
My advice would be to just go for it and have no regrets. I will do my best to fulfil my duty as a head student, so I would be more confident when it comes to public speaking as well.

What book has had the most impact on you and you would recommend others to read?
I really like the book ‘Demian’ by Hermann Hesse as it tells a very interesting concept that links into one’s identity, how a person is finding their true self but it is also very well written and would be worth the read just for that.

What movie would you recommend others to watch?

I would recommend Harry Potter if they like fantasies and are looking for something that would really boost their imagination (especially good for the primary; KS2 kids). Another movie I recommend is the Good doctor (both the American and Korean versions are good) because it gave a good insight into how people with disabilities are treated, but it also teaches us that anything is possible. The medical practices are also realistic and each case will definitely keep you on the edge of your chair!
What would have made you proud if we would look back at the end of this year?
I would be really proud if we can finish off all the ongoing projects, start a new one that hopefully makes an impact on the students (make their school life more exciting and productive).
Any parting words to our community?
I can’t wait to work with you guys. See you soon!

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