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28 February 2019

Primary Enrichment Day


Often some of the best learning takes place outside of the normal curriculum and we defintely saw evidence of this during the years 3-6 primary school Enrichment Day. Students were given various exciting challenges in their island community groups which tested their resilience, problem solving skills and ability to work effectively as part of a team.
The theme of the day was how to survive being stranded on a deserted island. Students had to build rafts out of plastic bottles which would help them escape the island. They also had to build shelters and work out an effective way to transport water supplies, as well as create SOS messages that could be seen by passing planes. They designed flags for their island community to be used on their rafts and created healthy, high energy meals out of limited supplies. After lunch we then lauched the rafts at the swimming pool and various races were held to determine which island community had the most stamina and resilience to finally get off the deserted island. By the end of the day a great feeling of pride and achievement swept across the school for having worked so hard as a team to tackle all the challenges and obstacles . We can't wait to start planning the next Enrichment Day for term three and many students are already giving us lots of ideas. Austin in year 5 suggested that maybe we could go to an actual deserted island next time!!

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