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24 September 2020

St Andrews Green Valley Head Students for 2020-2021 announced


Congratulations to Mahiro and Morgane, who have been selected as St Andrews Green Valley’s Head Students for this academic year!

Both in Year 12, Mahiro and Morgane underwent a rigorous application and interview process, during which the applicants presented their ideas to the whole school and staff. Their application process culminated in an interview with key staff at school, and their selection as leaders and representatives of the student body came in assembly this morning.

Having both joined St Andrews Green Valley as Year 8 students, the leaders plan to make a difference in the school by serving as a voice for the students and working collaboratively with their teachers. With experience serving in the student council, as well as enjoying active involvement in a large array of activities that the school offers, Mahiro and Morgane truly epitomise the Green Valley spirit; to exhibit a culture of care for their community and to embrace all opportunities that life throws at them.

We sat down with Mahiro and Morgane to find out a bit more about their plans for this academic year and to hear about what inspired them to apply for the position of Head Student:

What are you most excited about for your year ahead as a Head Student?

Morgane: I am very excited to represent the school and the community and to be able to help in my own way. I am also very excited to spend more time with students and to get to know the community better.

Mahiro: As a Head Student, I look forward to helping to make Green Valley a place where everyone feels valued and encouraged for pursuing their passion and working together to reach our very best. During a year with such drastic changes and challenges, I believe that we are at our best when coming together to bring what each of us can do to the community as a whole. I would like to motivate and encourage our community to turn ideas into actions.

What are the key initiatives that you would like to focus on to help develop the school?

Morgane: I would really like to increase the bond between primary and secondary students. I will also like to focus on the wellbeing of students and be someone they can trust and come to if they ever need help.

Mahiro: My ultimate goal is to make the students involved in the changes made for improving the school by making them feel confident in their own actions. I will work to encourage all students to believe in their opinions and thoughts, so that every student can feel the positive impact they make to our school by doing their part.

What inspired you to apply for the position of Head Girl?

Morgane: When I came to this school in year 8, I was not able to speak English and St. Andrews helped me to become fluent. I have gained so much confidence in myself. Today, I finally have the opportunity to help and would love to do so. I always looked up at Head Students but never thought I would become one.

Mahiro: When I joined Green Valley in 2017, I never had the thought of becoming a Head Student- I was rather a shy, hesitant girl with little confidence. Over time, however, it started to become clear that I had a strong passion for connecting with others in the community, bringing my ideas to the others to make a difference together. I have been inspired by the work of previous Head Students, and becoming a Head Student has been my dream since then!

How did you feel when Mr Gilbert told you the news?

Morgane: I felt extremely proud that the school believed that I would be a good Head Student. I also felt very happy and excited to start!

Mahiro: The first thing that came to mind was the gratitude I felt to all people that guided and led me to where I have come. As I reflected on the past three years I spent at Green Valley, it was incredible to recall my path with a countless number of people that supported me to become a confident, motivated student. The fact that I was selected by the students and teachers at Green Valley is an incredible honour and privilege, and I am grateful for this amazing opportunity you have all given to me. As a Head Student, I promise to give my very best in helping students feel confident and inspired, just as I did.

Congratulations once again to our new Head Students – we are so excited to see what you achieve this year!

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