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15 January 2019

Year 12 IB Visual Arts students

Our Year 12 IB Visual Arts students are a gifted group. They are starting to produce some truly outstanding sketchbook pages for their investigation of the word 'Metamorphosis'. [Read More]
13 January 2019

Team GV at the FOBISIA Swimming Championships

Team GV  joined the FOBISIA Invitational Games 2019 hosted by Bangkok Prep. [Read More]
12 January 2019

Workshop on bilingualism and the importance of mother tongue

This week the Dutch stream welcomed parents into our school for a workshop on bilingualism and the importance of mother tongue, organised by our Dutch and Belgian secondary students. [Read More]
26 December 2018

Primary Bangkok Maths Challenge

Children in Year 6 were invited to the Primary Bangkok Maths Challenge at Bangkok Patana School on the 30th November, 2018. They worked together as a strong team to solve problems, break out of boxes, find solutions to puzzles and build 3D shapes. [Read More]
24 December 2018

Village swimmers party

For the past two years a small group of teachers, parents and support staff have been running free swimming lessons for children from the local village- giving them access to Green Valley's pool and the opportunity to learn some important skills that could save their lives. [Read More]