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8 December 2018

Sinterklaas Celebration in Bangkok

On the 5th of December our Dutch students went to the Dutch Embassy in Bangkok to celebrate Sinterklaas. [Read More]
7 December 2018

Early Years Christmas celebration

The Early Years led the way with their Christmas celebration which was a lovely, joyful festive event.  [Read More]
7 December 2018

Mandarin Trip

During the recent Mandarin trip students had a great opportunity to extend their learning. They visited Viharn Sien where they had a chance to see the Terracotta Warrior statues, a model of the Great Wall, and statues of Confucius etc. [Read More]
6 December 2018

Parents Breakout game

Thank you to all the parents who came to try out the 'Breakout' game last week. They were fantastic communicators and collaborators, and showed great resilience. [Read More]
3 December 2018

Year 9 Computing

In Computing, Year 9s have been learning how to use spreadsheets to model the profitability of their own restaurant business. [Read More]