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30 September 2016

Reception children enjoy jumping in the waves and being superheroes on the beach!

The Reception classes went to the beautiful Navy beach nearby to explore and find out what they can learn when they play different games.  [Read More]
28 September 2016

Winning Island Community Celebrate Victory with Pizza Party!

"This is the best day on earth" shrieked Marco from Year 3 as he tucked into some pizza and ice-cream at the Samet Island Community party.  [Read More]
28 September 2016

Salient Student Leadership Positions Announced at St. Andrews International School

Green Valley doesn’t just pride itself on its academic success, but also the pathway it provides for successful leadership. Last week, students applied for the key leadership roles at the school of Head Boy and Head Girl.  [Read More]
27 September 2016

Swimmers compete at Tigerprawns Invitational Meet at Bangkok Patana School

Over the weekend Yoan Barras, Thom Greener and Lucas Schouten swam exceptionally well at the Tigerprawns swim meet. [Read More]
26 September 2016

Motivated St Andrews’ Students Explore Space

Highly motivated year 5 students focused on their task of being PYP inquirers during their recent trip to ‘The Space Inspirium’. [Read More]