We have 60 exceptional teachers
From 14 different nationalities
Who stay on average 4 years

Our highly experienced and qualified teachers are passionate about their respective subjects and passing on their knowledge to the students within our dynamic and diverse community.

Open-minded and always striving for new learning, skills and techniques, they work with their students to make new discoveries and form the connections across disciplines with active, collaborative learning.

We, in turn, are passionate about developing and supporting our teaching staff, with team building activities, workshops, conferences and lectures by leading educators. We are also fortunate to have the ability to call on the vast knowledge and experience within the global Cognita schools network.

Professional experience, formal education, length of job tenure and ongoing commitment to professional development are all factors closely scrutinised in the teaching staff recruitment process, as part of our quest to employ only the best talent. Our staff also reflects the school’s cultural diversity, with some 14 nationalities represented.