Our Activity Programme

At St Andrews, Green Valley, we believe in an all-rounded education that develops students inside and outside of the classroom. A key part of this is our exciting extra-curricular programme of over 80 activities, which provides opportunities for students to explore their passions and talents through a variety of sporting, creative arts, academic and cultural activities, all within our spacious and green campus. From filmmaking to skateboarding; Medics club to Forest School cooking; there is something for each and every child to enjoy!

Activities as part of the school timetable

Being able to try new things and discover different talents is something that we believe is core to being a happy and successful child. As such, we embed the activity programme into the school timetable to allow all children the opportunity to take part during the school day. By the end of the week, children have not only learnt new things through the academic curriculum, but they have also enjoyed at least three different activities too! This means that children can finish their school day and still have time for out-of-school activities or time to enjoy with their family.

Activities after school

We are also proud to offer activities beyond the timetabled school day for students who would like to join extra activities or who’s parents are working a longer day. These take place up until 16:30 each day and a free late-bus service is offered to drop children at home afterwards.

Our activity programme is lead by our highly trained teaching staff as well as outside providers who are experts in their field. Most activities are free of charge; those hosted by outside providers carry a small fee.

Take a look at just a few of the diverse range of activities offered:


  Art Illustration


  Film Production


  Golf Cart Building Project

  Board Games




  Wellbeing and Cooking





  Outdoor Cooking in Forest School

  Roller Blading

  Table Tennis


  Medics Club

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