Community Service

At St Andrews, Green Valley, our ‘community of care’ ethos not only encompasses those within our immediate community; it also encompasses the communities and organizations in the local area as well as further across Thailand. Throughout the Primary and Secondary school, our students are actively involved in regular fundraising and action for the schools’ chosen charities and projects.

From Nursery all the way through to the final year of the IB Diploma Programme, the idea of taking action to help those around us is interwoven into the curriculum and through the school’s Island Communities. Our staff and students are proud to be actively involved in the following projects:

One Day One Goal

One Day One Goal is a charity football tournament hosted by the school that invites over 100 local children to participate in an organized football tournament. The day also includes various competitions and fun games that the students can enter. Funds raised have totalled over THB100,000, all of which is put towards the Island Community charities.

Habitat For Humanity

This is a co-operative volunteer programme where students help build schools, learning centers and facilities in rural communities as part of the IB curriculum.

Operation Smile

As part of the Community Action Service (CAS) component of the IB Diploma Programme, IB students get the opportunity to travel to the Northern provinces in Thailand to help change the lives of many children who have single cleft lip, bilateral cleft lip, cleft palate, or huge areas of scar tissue from burns and skin grafts. Students assist in the provision of the medical procedures and spend some of their time interacting and playing with patients who are about to undergo surgery or are recovering from surgery.

Father Ray

Father Ray is the chosen Charity for the Phuket Island Community. This is a longstanding Pattaya charity that cares and educates underprivileged children and students with disabilities. The students in the Phuket Island Community have helped by donating rice, clothes, fresh fruit and general food etc on a regular basis. Every year we do a “crazy hair day” where students and staff come in with a crazy hairstyle and donate bags of rice for Father Ray.


Hand2Hand is the chosen Charity for Samet Island Community. It is a charity that works with underprivileged children and provides support to communities in slum areas. Samet Island Community has helped by donating food and general supplies. Our students and staff have also participated in the Garden to Market project, by which fruit and vegetables were planted and nurtured by our students before being transplanted and donated to slum areas in Pattaya to offer a sustainable food source. Funds raised from school charity events also go towards sponsoring two underprivileged students through school.


Mercy is the chosen Charity for Samui Island Community. This is a charity that works in communities of the city that are impoverished and struggle for the most basic of needs. Donations are mainly basic items such as rice, cleaning products etc,. Mercy also receive the Christmas present donation that the school contribute to each year, where Father Christmas delivers the presents personally to the children at Mercy.

Baan Chak Maak

Baan Chak Mak is the chosen Charity for Chang Island Community. This is a local Thai school that is in close proximity of St Andrews Green Valley. Our students and staff have helped to paint the school, but also enjoy visiting regularly to play sport and read to the children. Chang Island Community have also donated essential products such as nappies, food wipes and Joke (rice soup) to the community.

Baan Kru Boon Choo

This is a school that caters for autistic, down-syndrome and disabled students. It also acts as an orphanage. We help by providing food/detergents/milk/fabric softener etc.

Breaking Barriers

BB VAN TRANSPORT, derived from Breaking Barriers, was founded in 2017 in Pattaya, Thailand as the first private, wheelchair-accessible van service in the region. Their main mission is to provide affordable transportation to people with disabilities and have a positive impact on their mental health through increased independence, and regular access to community activities and resources. A student at St Andrews, Green Valley helped to design their website, and the school has supported by paying for the insurance for the van

Pattaya Sports Club food hand-out

In collaboration with Pattaya Sports Club, our staff and students collected and donated a range of food supplies to communities in Pattaya who had been largely affected by Covid-19.

Rocktopus Coral Restoration Project

This is a project in which our Year 12 CAS students are involved in trying to raise money to sink their own man-made coral structure just off the island of Koh Tao. As part of the projects, students are also learning of the reasons why corals are dying and what can be done to protect them. The money raised towards this project so far is 20000 THB, with a goal to complete the project by the end of the year.

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