Dutch Stream

Did you know?


St Andrews Green Valley is the only school on the Eastern Seaboard to offer a Dutch Stream.


Classes are taught by highly qualified native Dutch/Belgian teachers with more than 20 years of teaching experience.


Three to four hours per week in a dedicated class space, resourced with an extensive Dutch library.


Outstanding grades with 100% of students passing CNaVT (Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal) and IBDP Dutch B examinations.


We are a home-away-from-home community, celebrating Dutch traditional days

Our Dutch Stream is a home away from home for our students with Dutch or Belgian nationality. We are pleased to include students whose mother tongue is Dutch or who speak Dutch as a second language at home. In order to support them, we offer Dutch language and culture lessons from Reception through to Secondary School.

Highly qualified, native speaking teachers

Classes are held by Stefanie Bas and Kris Van der Mynsbrugge, who are both qualified Dutch teachers. Kris Van der Mynsbrugge has taught for more than 10 years in Belgium and started his international career at the Shanghai Dutch School in China eight years ago. Stefanie has taught Dutch to primary students in Belgium, Bolivia and Nigeria before joining Green Valley.

Kris van der Mynsbrugge - Dutch stream

Mr Kris van der Mynsbrugge

Secondary Dutch Teacher

Dutch Stream Miss Stefanie Bas

Miss Stefanie Bas

Primary Dutch Teacher

The curriculum

Classes are held for three to four hours per week in a dedicated class space, with the objective of building and maintaining proficiency in students’ mother tongue as well as progressing to exam success in CnaVT (Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal) and IBDP Dutch.

Our lessons are structured according to language benchmarks set by the Dutch Government and Inspector of Education. These ensure that students can read, write and comprehend their language at the appropriate level and also celebrate the main cultural events in the Netherlands including; Koningsdag, Prinsjesdag and Sinterklaas.

There are no additional fees for this programme, as it is financially supported by the Dutch Government, enabling us to keep the curriculum current with the latest library and other resources.

Home away from home

Dutch traditions are as important within the curriculum as the academic content. This is why we, as a Dutch community, are sure to come together to celebrate traditional Dutch events such as Sinterklaas and Koningsdag. We also regularly visit Bangkok to participate in events hosted by the Dutch and Belgian embassies.

Because of the Dutch stream, our girls are still able to be exposed to and study their mother tongue on a regular basis whilst also enjoying the benefits of an International School. 

-Dutch Stream family

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