Beyond the Classroom

Whether the children are in the swimming pool, on our multi-purpose covered basketball court, in our Primary music room or exploring in the outdoor playgrounds, your child’s learning will take place in an inspiring environment.

Our PE, Music and Thai lessons are led by specialist teachers, in a combination of spaces and classrooms across the Primary school.

Through the course of the school week, your child might:


Learn Thai through song and dance in flexible classrooms


Build their water confidence and learn to swim in our pool


Explore their musical talents through our Early Years music program


Develop their eye-hand coordination and balance in their PE lessons


Build confidence through play in our inspiring outdoor Early Years playground


Develop their love of reading in our Early Years Inquiry and during visits to the Library


Express themselves creatively during art projects

Themed Days

At least once a term we host exciting themed days for the Early Years children. These are designed to create memorable experiences through which the children’s learning is made a reality. An example of this is the Early Years Wheels Day, during which the school car park is converted into a Race Track with various stops along the way – including a car wash and a traffic department where children can earn their driver’s licenses!

Outdoor Education and School Trips

At St Andrews, Green Valley, we know that learning through hands-on experiences makes lessons more memorable for children. In the Early Years, not only is our curriculum centered on learning through play, but we also go one step further to apply learning to the outdoors and on school trips.

We are lucky to have a Forest School on our spacious campus, where our children explore nature and learn about different animals and plants. Our children also enjoy regular school trips, such as an annual trip to the beach. You can find out more about our Outdoor Learning here.

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