Learning English with Accelerated Progress (LEAP)

The LEAP Programme at St Andrews International School, Green Valley, is a one-year only* English support programme that is designed to accelerate students’ English language acquisition. Immersed into the life of the school, students are supported academically, socially and emotionally, whilst simultaneously developing their English language skills in order to successfully access the mainstream curriculums of Maths, Science, Literature, Humanities, the Arts and PE.

Through LEAP, students benefit from a personalised English learning experience that is tailored to their individual learning needs. Our specialist LEAP teachers provide continuous language support, inclusive of reading, writing, speaking and listening, whilst simultaneously working hand-in-hand with the school’s mainstream subject teachers to ensure a thorough academic English knowledge of mainstream content and a smooth transition into the full curriculum.

Students in the LEAP programme are fully immersed in the life and ethos of the school. From daily co-curricular activities to school trips, drama performances to music concerts, students not only have the opportunity to apply their English skills in a variety of contexts; they are also able to explore and develop their creativity, communication and critical thinking.

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More than just a language acquisition programme, LEAP provides a holistic Green Valley education where students can be adventurous, be brilliant and be happy.

Why choose LEAP for your child?

One-Year Only Programme

A one-year only* programme which ensures accelerated progression and immersion into mainstream curriculums. Say goodbye to years and years of slow-moving and expensive EAL support.

A course that meets your child where they are at

A course that meets your child where they are at: brand new to English or already halfway there – we design a programme that will take your child’s English to the next level.

A holistic approach from day one

A holistic approach from day one, where students have multiple opportunities to interact with their first language peers in PE, Music, Art, Activities and more.

Inquiry-based learning

Inquiry-based learning that aligns with the internationally recognised IB curriculums, preparing your child for the best possible future anywhere in the world.

Study programmes that align with St Andrew’s Green Valley mainstream curriculums

Study programmes that align with St Andrew’s Green Valley mainstream curriculums in Maths, Science, Literature, and Humanities, delivered by first-in-class specialist teachers.

A ‘Parents as Partners’ ethos

A ‘Parents as Partners’ ethos, where teachers work hand-in-hand with parents to help your child succeed.

A one-year only programme

Personalised support from specialist teachers

Progressive immersion into our internationally recognised mainstream curriculum

Integration into the life of the school from day one

Admissions Criteria:

The application process for applying to join LEAP is simple and inclusive. Students will be invited to complete an online Cognitive Ability test as well as a short English Assessment which helps us establish the child’s CEFR level. Students’ with A2 CEFR or below qualify for the LEAP programme.

The LEAP programme is only available to students in Year 5 and above. 

‘When I joined St Andrews Green Valley, I lacked confidence in my English speaking ability. I was nervous to join an English-speaking school as I thought that I would feel left out. The teachers and students made me feel supported from my very first day, and they made learning a new language so much easier. Now I can speak and learn in English fluently and I am preparing to complete my IGCSE exams next year!’

– Year 10 English Language student

‘When my son joined Green Valley, he had never learnt in English before. Before long, he was coming home and speaking more English than I knew myself! The best part is that not only has his English improved but he has also discovered many other things that he enjoys at school.’

– Parent


The fees for the LEAP programme sit alongside the schools’ tuition fees. This reflects the close, personalised support that your child will receive, alongside the full international education that they will benefit from.

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How long is the programme?

LEAP is a one-year only* programme that features continuous integration into the mainstream curriculum 

*Based upon successful completion of the programme assessments

What is the entry criteria for joining LEAP?

Our inclusive Admissions process helps us to establish your child’s level of English and the support that they might require. We will also seek to ensure that your child will be successful in accessing the curriculum and that the programme is the right fit for them.

How will students be assessed?

Our teachers use an array of formative and summative assessment, including Cambridge Language assessments to assess student progress.

How will you ensure that my child is kept up-to-date in Maths, Science, Literature and Humanities?

All students will study the core subjects with objectives personalised to their language abilities and needs.

How will my child be immersed into the life of the school with all other students?

All students will join their mainstream peers during PE, Art, Music and Activities lessons, at least, as well as during lunch and break times. As a fully enrolled student at the school, they will also be able to join debating competitions, music concerts, drama performances and more! As students’ English progresses, so will their number of mainstream lessons.

Do you assign homework?

Yes, all students will receive weekly homework assignments as well as access to a full toolkit of online resources for extra independent practice.

How many students are there per class?

We foster an ethos of personalised learning and aim to ensure that our class sizes support this. Our maximum class size, therefore, is 20 students in a class. This allows the teachers to know each child personally and to ensure maximum progress. 

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