Learning in the Secondary

Years 7-9 (Key Stage 3)

The transition from Primary to Secondary School is an exciting time in the development of a student. At St Andrews, Green Valley, our Year 7 – 9 curriculum is broad and balanced, with each subject taught by a subject specialist. Our Year 7 – 9 curriculum broadly follows the National Curriculum of England and Wales, however we interpret each subject in an international context which helps to make what we study more relevant. It also allows teachers to tailor the learning to each individual student.

Years 10-11 (IGCSE)

During Years 10 and 11, students follow the 2-year IGCSE course with the purpose of preparing themselves for the IB Diploma in Years 12 and 13. The rigorous course, which includes studying seven or more subjects and completing internationally recognised examinations, provides a solid grounding for the students before they transition to their final two years of Secondary school education.

Years 12-13 (IB Diploma Programme)

In Year 12 and 13 Green Valley students study either the full IB Diploma or individual IB subjects with the aim of achieving the grades necessary to be accepted into top universities around the world. The IB Diploma Programme is internationally recognized by Universities and is the Gold Standard when applying to begin Tertiary Education. The diverse nature of the IB Diploma Programme, with its combination of academic and core subjects, is the ideal preparation as students leave the safe environment of secondary school to start learning more independently at university.

International Examinations

International Examinations are an effective way for schools to judge the standards that their students are achieving compared to an international benchmark. We are proud that our students consistently score above the world average in these examinations.


At Green Valley, students are given the opportunity to enjoy hands-on involvement with many unique innovative projects. They can be challenged to build a bridge from straws, devise a structure to protect an egg when dropped from a great height or come up with creative ideas to design a bottle rocket when learning about pressure in science and trajectories in Maths.

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