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Why choose St Andrews International School, Green Valley?


We are a pioneering Eco-School in Thailand and a proud WWF Green Flag Award holder


We are the only IB PYP school on the Eastern Seaboard, celebrating not only academic achievement but also holistic education


We believe happy children are successful children. We are the first school in Thailand to be awarded the β€˜Wellbeing for Schools Award’


Small class sizes ensure progress in all areas. Each child is known by name and celebrated within our close-knit community.


Our academic results are consistently the highest in the region. Through personalised learning, our students are nurtured to be the best they can be.

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A Green Philosophy

🌱 Internationally Recognised Curriculum: Our IB curriculum is delivered to international standards and is deeply rooted in ecoliteracy, fostering the growth of future changemakers.

🌿 Promoting Sustainable Practices: We instill sustainable practices and a strong sense of place within our students, nurturing their connection to the environment.

🌍 Outdoor Learning and Community Building: Our approach includes outdoor learning experiences that foster a sense of community and values among students.

🌎 Global Preparation: We prepare our students to confidently take their place in the global community, equipped with a green philosophy.

🏞️ Green and Spacious Campus: The only campus of it’s kind in the area, we are a perfectly designed and strategically located oasis of greenery, featuring a forest school, sustainable gardens, and over 30 rai of tropical space.

Nurturing Individual Growth

🌱 Small Class Sizes: Our commitment to nurturing individual growth begins with small class sizes, ensuring personalised attention for every student.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Highly Qualified and Exceptional Teachers: Our team of highly qualified and exceptional teachers ensures that all students make progress, both inside and outside the classroom.

😊 Happy Children are Successful Children: Our teachers support each child as a unique individual, ensuring that they are happy to come to school each day.

🎨 Nurturing Individual Talents and Passions: We actively foster individual talents and passions through a diverse range of over 80 weekly activities and opportunities.

πŸš€ Supporting Diverse Pathways: Teachers are dedicated to guiding students towards success in university and career pathways that are unique to each student.

Preparing the Next Generation

🌍 Beyond Academic Rigor: Our curriculum delivers more than just academic rigor. We believe in nurturing students who will enter the world as well-rounded adults, capable of caring, effective communication, problem-solving, and driving positive change.

😊 Emphasis on Happiness and Well-being: At our institution, we prioritise the happiness and well-being of our students, understanding that it is a vital component of their holistic education.

🌟 Global Success with the IB: As an internationally recognized curriculum, the IB equips our students with the tools they need to succeed on a global scale. Our students are not just academic thinkers; they are the changemakers of tomorrow.

🌱 Nurturing Changemakers: We take pride in nurturing students who don’t just excel academically but are also empowered to be proactive changemakers, making a positive impact on the world.

What parents are saying about St. Andrews International School Green Valley

Our son is now a much more confident, articulate and mature individual who has also developed a love of learning, which has surprised himself as much as us!Β  He loves the way the things he learns are shown to be relevant and applicable in everyday life.

Year 2 - Parent

We’ve had seven successful years at the school so far, where we’ve seen our children develop into the people they are today in the best way possible.

Year 11 - Parent

The school environment has been the best place for my children. The lessons and activities have stimulated their creative thinking, individual growth and wellbeing. They have had experiences that they will remember for life.

Year 5 - Parent

IB Diploma Results 2022-2023


IB Pass Rate

(vs world average of 80%)


Average Diploma Score

(vs world average of 30.24)


Average Grade

(vs world average of 4.84)

IGCSE results 2022-2023

The IGCSE is the world’s most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 year olds, regarded as an international passport to progression and success. For the last seven years, St Andrews, Green Valley have scored consistently above the UK average, with some students achieving awards for receiving the top scores in Thailand.


Grades of A*-C

(UK average 70%)


Grades A*-A

(UK average 22%)


Pass rate in 19 different subjects


Be Adventurous. Be Brilliant. Be Happy.

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Where to find us?

St Andrews International School, Green Valley is conveniently located in the heart of Thailand's Eastern Seaboard, halfway between Rayong and Pattaya. Our school buses offer a fast and seamless option for your child to safely arrive at school each day from all over the area, as far as Sriracha to Rayong city.

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