Our Eco School

St Andrews, Green Valley is proud to be working towards achieving the Eco-Schools Green Flag award – an award which recognises the efforts and projects put in place by the school to tackle ongoing environmental issues and to make an impact in the global effort towards climate change. As part of our work to achieve this award, we have a range of projects and communities which our staff and students are involved in daily. Many of these projects align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The Environmental Strategic Group and the Green Council

The Environmental Strategic group at St Andrews, Green Valley consists of a mix of Primary and Secondary teachers who are passionate about environmental issues and determined to make St Andrews, Green Valley a great Eco-school. The strategic group works hand-in-hand with the school’s Green Council, which is made up of students from years 4-12. The objectives of these groups are to achieve the Schools Eco-Award whilst delivering integrated, whole-school initiatives that showcase Green Valley as an inspirational Eco-school. In doing so we aim to inspire our students to go out into the world and be the change. We also believe that the activities will improve student and staff wellbeing through a connection with the natural environment.

The activities organised by the the Environmental Strategic group and the Green Council include:

  Eco Arts and Crafts

  Gardening Club

  Forest School and Composting

  Beach Cleans

  Community Fruit and Vegetable donations

  Online second-hand store


  Eco-brick collections

  Living walls

  Community Fruit and Vegetable donations

Whole-school action

In the slides below, you can view each of the ongoing projects that our students are involved in.

Why The Eco-schools Award?

Independent research has found evidence of the positive impacts of the Eco-schools Programme on pupils, including increased confidence, development of leadership skills, improved pupil well-being and behaviour and greater motivation at school. As well as the pupil benefits, which have a hugely positive effect on the whole school community, Green Valley will benefit from reducing our environmental impact. Eco-Schools consume less water and energy and produce less waste – in turn saving money that can be allocated elsewhere in the school. A key element is the involvement of pupils in the whole process, including monitoring, action planning and decision making, leading to ownership and an increased sense of responsibility to the environment and the local area.


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