Our Parent Community

If you enjoy working as part of a team, being around and learning more about education, or simply enjoy taking part in service and ‘helping out’, then you may be interested in becoming a class supporter who sits upon the Friends of Green Valley Committee.

The Friends of Green Valley are a committee of school parents who come together to act as supporters of the school and who believe in the education we deliver. They are a source of positive assistance to their class/form tutor and help create a constructive and warm environment that allows teachers to do their best work for the children.

In addition, the Friends of Green Valley help to organise and assist in school events – raising funds as necessary that can be used to enhance school facilities or provide extra experiences for students and staff.

Most importantly, they foster community cohesion and constructive communication. They welcome new parents to the ‘Green Valley Family’ and act as friends to all.


Friends of Green Valley (FOGV) help to organise social events and fundraisingactivities for both the School and our charities throughout the year, with parents of all nationalities informed and involved. Major activities include Coffee Mornings for new parents, International Day, the One Day One Goal charity football event, social events for children such as Halloween and Christmas parties and many more fun school activities.


Friends of Green Valley (FOGV) Class Supporters serve a primary role in nurturing positive links between parents, teachers and the School in  general.


Friends of Green Valley (FOGV) provide practical support to staff to enhance the educational experience and opportunities for our students by promoting productive relationships within the School community.


Friends of Green Valley (FOGV) also facilitate social interaction amongst families inthe School community. Examples of FOGV activities include offering support for new families in transitioning smoothly into School life and the Pattaya/Rayong area.


Friends of Green Valley (FOGV) can be a positive source of advice to school leadership when appropriate.


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