At Green Valley, students are given the opportunity to enjoy hands-on involvement with many unique innovative projects. They can be challenged to build a bridge from straws, devise a structure to protect an egg when dropped from a great height or come up with creative ideas to design a bottle rocket when learning about pressure in science and trajectories in Maths.

Currently, the students in secondary are working on two very interesting projects:

Bus cart project

The Bus Cart Project is an effort led by staff and students in Years 10-12 to convert two old 4-wheeled golf carts into a fully refurbished 6-wheeled bus cart. The bus cart will be decked out so that it can be used to take visitors on a tour of the campus. It is also being modified so that it can hold a stretcher to transport injured people during sports events.

Cycle-powered Fan

The student council are currently constructing a bicycle generator that will be used to power a fan in the Thai Sala building. Using skills of carpentry and electrical engineering, the students will build this from scratch. Whilst one member of the student body gets hot by powering the bike, the others will be kept cool!

Hoverbuild project

In previous years, students in Secondary also had the opportunity to get involved in a tremendous challenge to build a hovercraft which took a team of 5 students over 2 years to accomplish, together with members of the community who taught them the skills required. A great team effort and certainly a project that the students will never forget!

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