Be Happy
April 25, 2022

Be Happy

Children learn best when they are happy and healthy. This is why we foster a community of care where every child is known by name. Our hands-on curriculum and small class sizes allow our teachers to support our students with learning that is individual to each child, making sure that everyone succeeds.

Community of Care

A culture of care runs through the core of the Green Valley community, and a high level of importance is placed on the wellbeing of our students. An intricate structure of pastoral support means that students and parents always know who to talk to. Our wellbeing network includes full-time counsellors and trained Mental Health First Aiders within the teaching team. We are also the only school in Thailand to have been awarded the Wellbeing Award for Schools.

Small class sizes

St Andrews Green Valley is small by design, which means that the teachers get to know the children by name and by character. They are able to support each child on an individual level to accelerate their learning, whilst also making sure that they are happy and supported at school. Each class is supported by a qualified teachers as well as a learning support assistant.

Individualised learning

Our hands-on curriculums work directly together with our small class sizes to make learning meaningful and relevant for each individual child. Our teachers are able to personalise each lesson to ensure that students of all abilities make progress in their learning whilst still having fun.

Parents as Partners

The staff at St Andrews Green Valley work hand-in-hand with our parents to ensure the best possible outcomes for each child. Parents are a very important part of our community too, and participate regularly in Parent Workshops, coffee mornings and clubs. We believe that when a child joins Green Valley, the whole family joins the community too.