April 25, 2022

Education Development Trust (EDT)

St Andrews International School, Green Valley is a fully accredited Gold level school by EDT (Education Development Trust). In 2015 Green Valley was the 1st and only school in the Eastern Seaboard to be awarded the 1st tier level of accreditation making us a Gold Level school and to achieve an ‘Outstanding’ mark in all the assessment criteria. In 2018 and for our latest accreditation (the next accreditation will take place in 2022), we were very proud to achieve the Gold level for a 2nd time with an ‘Outstanding’ mark AGAIN in all the assessment criteria. We are extremely proud to have achieved the highest accolade for our accreditation for two successive inspections and strive to keep doing so in the future.

EDT are one of only four organisations who are authorised by the Thai Education Ministry to carry out international accreditations in Thailand. It is a UK based organisation working throughout the UK and internationally in 40 countries. They provide education consultancy, inspection and employ more than 2,500 staff worldwide. In the UK, they inspect a third of all UK schools on behalf of OFSTED.
The EDT International Schools Quality Mark (ISQM), accreditation validates the quality of our education provision against global standards. To receive the EDT International Schools Quality Mark our school was assessed against the following standards:

  • The standards that students reach in their work and the progress they make (Outstanding)
  • Students’ personal development (Outstanding)
  • Teaching and learning (Outstanding)
  • The curriculum (Outstanding)
  • Accommodation and resources (Outstanding)
  • How well the school cares for and supports its students (Outstanding)
  • Partnership with the community (Outstanding)
  • Leadership, management and governance (Outstanding)
  • Please find below some of the highlights from our EDT (Formerly CfBT) report from 2015: