May 4, 2022

English as an Additional Language pathway:

We align the Cambridge EAL Curriculum with the mainstream Primary Years Programme (PYP) in primary school and the British National Curriculum in secondary. With a combination of in-class support and specialised small group tuition in pull-out classes, the Green Valley EAL department strives to ensure our students achieve confidence and success in all aspects of their English language acquisition.

Our EAL teachers plan collaboratively with classroom and subject teachers in order to best meet the needs of our EAL students. A major objective is to improve our students’ speaking and listening skills so that they can quickly develop confidence in both social and academic settings. We also have a major focus on advancing our students’ reading abilities in order to build vocabulary, enhance reading fluency and improve comprehension skills. We also feel that developing our students’ understanding and usage of basic punctuation and grammar is of utmost importance, especially with regards to academic writing. With these objectives firmly in mind, our programme is tailored and resourced to provide the optimal conditions for the personal growth and academic success of all Green Valley EAL students.