Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) forms part of the ‘core’ components of the IB Diploma Programme and is a fundamental part of the curriculum at Andrews International School, Green Valley. Students undertake CAS formally in Year 12 and Year 13. However, the engagement with Creativity, Activity, and Service Learning begins much earlier in their time at St. Andrews International School Green Valley.

The formal requirements of the CAS component of the IB Diploma Programme focus on the importance of life outside the world of scholarship, providing a counterbalance to the academic program. Participation in artistic endeavours, sporting events, and community service activities encourages our students to share their energies and special talents outside of our classrooms. Whilst undertaking such experiences, our students develop a better awareness of local, national, and global events and a greater concern for others. Additionally, participation and engagement in CAS helps our students to develop skills of cooperative working practices with their fellow students and with others from outside of the school environment.

CAS is guided by a set number of desired outcomes:

  • Increase awareness of your strengths and areas for growth
  • Undertake new challenges
  • Plan and initiate activities
  • Work collaboratively with others
  • Show perseverance and commitment
  • Engage with issues of global importance
  • Consider ethical implications
  • Develop new skills

St. Andrews International School, Green Valley provides many opportunities for students to get involved in a variety of Creativity, Activity and Service activities.

CAS allows students at St. Andrews International School to follow their own interests and celebrate the new skills acquired there, and celebrate the success achieved. Many of these activities are not sponsored by the school directly and allow for our students to make valuable contributions in our local communities. Students are encouraged to reflect on the process of learning they undertake whilst participating in the CAS component of the IB Diploma Programme and align their engagement alongside the eight learning objectives.

This process of reflection is crucial to CAS and promotes growth and personal engagement.

Examples of Service activities undertaken by students from Green Valley in the past few years include:

One Day One Goal

A charity football tournament hosted by the school that invites over 100 local children to participate in an organised football tournament. Participation in this activity is high and funds raised have totalled over THB 100,000.

Habitat For Humanity

A co-operative volunteer programme where students help build schools, learning centres and facilities in rural communities as part of the IB curriculum.

Operation Smile

IB Diploma Programme students get the opportunity to travel to the Northern provinces in Thailand to help change the lives of many children who have single cleft lip, bilateral cleft lip, cleft palate, or huge areas of scar tissue from burns and skin grafts. Students assist in the provision of the medical procedures and spend some of their time interacting and playing with patients who are about to undergo surgery or are recovering from surgery.

Students are also encouraged to follow their own interests and get involved in other activities not sponsored by the school. Students should thoughtfully align their activities with the eight learning objectives. Reflection on student participation is another important component of the CAS program.

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